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ELECTRICIANS: what you need to know!


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An electrician is a technician that specializes in electrical wiring of buildings, electromechanical machines, and other related equipment. The odds are you have at one point or the other employed the services of one before. There are pretty much in abundance no matter where you are. With the of sophisticated buildings and complex electrical networks prevalent in our society today, there is a need for the modern day electricians to have the same level of expertise needed to handle such complex systems.


Having an electrical problem is already a nagging issue to deal with but hiring the best hands to solve it is another problem entirely. Recognizing you need an electrician is no rocket science. But identifying the right man for the job can be a little tricky.

Knowing what to look for in an electrician is the first step towards ensuring that the right man for the job is chosen.

  • Reading and comprehension: this is an important quality to look out for when hiring an electrician. On the course of your discussions and negotiations, there is a high possibility that instructions would be dished out in written notes. An electrician with reasonable comprehensive skills would understand the problems better and ease communication.
  • Writing and composition: despite you doing the hiring, most of the talking would actually be done by the electrician. You would be doing yourself a big favour by hiring someone who is comfortable putting his ideas and reports in writing.
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills: you might not be available to explain things every time you need something done by your electrician. You would need someone with the ability to interpret data and make a decision on it with minimal guidance.

Coupled with the above desirable traits, the electrician must adhere to electrical standard best practices. Hence, it is of paramount importance that the electrician meets all the requirements and his operational license is valid with the body responsible for regulating electrical practice in your country.

HOUSE REWIRING: steer clear!

You might feel you have gathered a lot of experience in electrical practice over the years and want to try your hands on something a little bit more tasking. Like rewiring your house yourself! the bottom line is if you’re not an electrician, you’re incompetent for the job. You’re not only lacking the proper technical know-how, you are also endangering yourself and your property. Electrical works is a specialist field, so leave it to the pros!

ELECTRICIANS:  paying the bills.


Simply asking an electrician what their day rate amounts to touching the tip of the iceberg.  There is so much more to a day rate than simply calculating business costs and adding a bit on for the electrician.  The resulting day rate is the culmination of marketing research, great customer service, a great job and positioning oneself as a knowledgeable electrician. So on the average, in a city like London, it is commonplace to see electricians charge as much as £34 per hour. With other cities in the UK seeing a considerable drop in prices compared to London.